Strategic Marketing. Workflow Management. Digital Integration
Friday, 15 November 2019, 12:00AM - Saturday, 16 November 2019, 12:00AM
Strategic Marketing. Workflow Management. Digital Integration
Friday, 15 November 2019 - Saturday, 16 November 2019
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For us, Management and Marketing was always the method that supported us to succesfully practise the dentistry we wanted. Strategic is a course about our DNA, about marketing and management genes, which are found in everything we do. An ethical marketing, simple, genuine and measurable. You will learn how to implement easy management protocols in any type of organization. Also a vision of digital dentistry, in a simplified manner, which makes you understand where and how you should invest your resources. All this combined with case studies and one interactive session that allows you to create your own, clear to-do list for your business.

Main topics:

Competitive business models. Choosing your own
Services design – The art of perspective
Emotional content – How to design an unique patient experience
Visual Communication – Present and future standard in dental industry.
Case studies and practical examples
Course includes:

Lunch menus & coffee breaks
Dinner with the speakers and part of the Dentcof team
Course designed for: Managers, Business owners, Dentists planning to start their own business.

Workflow Management

A standard of care is defined by protocols and workflows, by what happens in the clinic, when you are not there. Workflows create sustenability for good dentistry, and ensure a uniform, organic, and long lasting standard. We will talk about a clinic that does DSD for you, via protocols, and where patients are managed without your involvement, where you as the dentist, can use all your energy in being the dentist.

Main topics:

DSD integration as a protocol
KPG integration and better patient management

Digital Dentistry Integration

Every strategic we are summing up a keynote on the digital dentistry integration : from 3D Print, DSD, CAD-CAM to Big Data and Cloud integration. Understand the big picture. Compare different digital dentistry business models, and choose one for you. Learn about all the synergies and shortcuts in a up-to-date interactive presentation.

Main topics:

3D Print integration in the digital workflow.
CAD-CAM overview from a manager standpoint
Cloud integration and Big Data
Workflow shortcuts with various digital tools

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