Module 3 - The Implant Treatment In The Esthetic Area
Monday, 10 February 2020 - Thursday, 13 February 2020
Module 3 – The Implant Treatment In The Esthetic Area
Monday, 10 February 2020, 09:00 - Thursday, 13 February 2020, 18:00
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Esthetic and functional analysis
› The esthetic parameters: facial, dento-labial, phonetic, dental and gingival analysis
› Functional analysis: overjet/overbite evaluation
Post-extraction single implant placement and immediate temporary restoration
› Timing of implant positioning in relation to tooth extraction
› Hammerle classification: advantages, disadvantages, indications and contra-indications
of the various types of timing. Which is the best approach in the estethic area?
› Clinical and and radiographic evaluation of the implant site: key parameters
› Computer pre-visualization of the surgically and prosthetically correct implant position
› Step-by-step surgical and prosthetic procedure:
• Atraumatic tooth extraction
• Correct tri-dimensional implant site preparation and implant insertion
• Filling the buccal gap
• Preparing the partial thickness buccal pouch
• Connective tissue graft: harvesting, insertion technique inside the pouch and suturing
Immediate (implant-supported) temporary restoration
› Technical procedure and gold rules to observe
› Soft tissue contour re-evaluation and conditioning (after the osseointegration phase)
Finalization phase
› Transmucosal pathway registration and transmission to the laboratory
› Selection of the restoration materials: parameters to evaluate
› Cemented or screw retained solutions? What is the trend?
The role of the prosthodontist in the implant treatment of the esthetic area
› The correct prosthetic management of the peri-implant soft tissues
› Multiple adjacent missing teeth in the frontal area
› Complex multidisciplinary cases
Deferred implant placement in the esthetic area
› Ridge preservation technique: advantages and limits
› Guided bone regeneration procedure:
• Biological principles of Guided Bone Regeneration
• Requirements of the membranes
• Non-resorbable membranes: indications, advantages and disadvantages
• Traditional non-resorbable membranes: expanded PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (ePTFE)
• Latest generation of non-resorbable membranes: dense PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (dPTFE)
• Resorbable membranes: indications, advantages and disadvantages
• Analysis of the different characteristics of absorbable membranes:
• Synthetic (poly-lactic acid and poly-glycolic)
• Collagen (cross-linked and non-cross-linked)
• Collagen pericardium, hard-mother, cortical bone
• Requirements of graft materials
• Analysis of the different properties of the various graft materials:
• Biological (autograft, allograft, eterograft)
• Synthetic (alloplast)
• GBR in bone defects associated with fenestration and dehiscence peri-implant
• GBR in horizontal bone defects
• Surgical procedure step-by-step
• Pre and post-surgical therapy
• Postoperative complications: prevention and treatment
• Connective tissue graft: why, when and how

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