Module 2 - Anterior & Posterior Teeth: Tradition Vs Innovation
Monday, 9 December 2019 - Thursday, 12 December 2019
Module 2 – Anterior & Posterior Teeth: Tradition Vs Innovation
Monday, 9 December 2019, 09:00 - Thursday, 12 December 2019, 18:00
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Basic principles of tooth preparation
› Bio-mechanic principles of tooth preparation
› Traditional vs Innovative tooth preparation
› Traditional tooth preparation: when, how and why
› The influence of restorative material selection on tooth preparation design
Minimally invasive tooth preparation
› Basic principles of innovative tooth preparation
› Anterior innovative tooth preparation: complete and partial
Crowns, buccal and full veneers: a systematic clinical procedure
› Is it possible to treat the case with buccal veneers?
› The new concept of full veneers: the use of full veneers
for the esthetic and functional optimization
› Traditional diagnostic wax-up
› Digital diagnostic wax-up
› From the diagnostic wax-up to the mock-up
› Tooth preparation for veneers:
› No-prep veneers
› Different tooth preparation design according to the specific clinical case
› Tooth preparation: incisal shoulder – overlapped
› Enamel maintenance or down to dentin ?
› Juxta-gingival or intra-sulcular tooth preparation?
› Step-by-step tooth preparation
The role of indirect posterior restorations in case of complex treatment plans
using minimally invasive techniques: MIPP (Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures)
Selection criteria for direct and indirect restorations in the posterior sectors
› Table tops
› Buccal-occlusal veneers
Provisional fabrication and integration
› Requisites and materials
› Modified indirect technique (MIT)
› How to idealize the insertion of the shell before relining
› Direct technique
› Indirect technique
› Fitting, insertion
› Reinforced provisional
› Relining, re-margining and finishing
› Coloring, glazing and cementation
Anterior rehabilitation
› PSM fabrication technique
› Positioning in the oral cavity
1 arch and 2 arches rehabilitation
› PSC fabrication technique
› Positioning in the oral cavity
Simple management of provisional restorations with veneers:
› Fabrication techniques
› Relining
› Re-margining
› Refining
› Polishing
› Traditional cementation and “spot etching technique”
Impression materials and techniques:
› Gingival displacement
› Use of retraction cords or alternative techniques
› Management of soft tissues for intra-sulcular preparations
› Step-by-step fabrication of a customized tray
› Selection of the impression materials: alginates,
polysuplhides, polyvinyl, siloxanes, polyethers
› Taking the impression with digital scanners – traditional vs digital techniques
› Which ceramic material for veneers and full veneers: ingot selection
› Systematic approach for color detection
› Use of the Natural Die Material shade guide for color of the abutment sampling
› Creation of a customized Natural Die Material abutment
› Discolored dentition: alternatives and options in case of heavy discolored teeth
› The use of dental bleaching with veneers and additional veneers
› Biscuit try-in and cement selection
› Step-by-step cementation

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