Endgame.3 No Excuses
Friday, 1 November 2019 - Sunday, 3 November 2019
Endgame.3 No Excuses
Friday, 1 November 2019 - Sunday, 3 November 2019
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a three day immersive experience
1-2-3 Nov 2019
We believe that compelling stories make a difference in the world. This is not a new phenomenon. In fact, storytelling can be traced back to ancient Greece. Back to the time of Artistotle. It was then that people realised that telling well crafted stories was a powerful way to connect, inspire, educate and empower.

During endgame we are focussing on just that. Together with our trainers you going to work on your skills as a storyteller. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a public speaker, teacher, performer or just want to get your message across. Endgame will give you all the building blocks to construct your narrative into a fascinating performance.

Storytelling principles, voice mastery, body language and psychology are just a few subjects that will be covered during the three days.

C’mon, your stage is our there! You just have to go out there and step into that spotlight.

And we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

About Us
how endgame came to fruition
The art and science of persuasive communication has always been a fascination of mine. So you can imagine that when I started my speaking career, I fully dedicated myself to studying everything that remotely had something to do with communication.

I spent hours, days and weeks researching and analysing the most compelling keynotes on the internet. I obsessed over the system of designing and shaping great stories and slowly started to discover what the mechanics behind the most powerful speeches were.

They all have some common ingredients! I applied these principles in my own performances and it dawned on me very quickly that the system worked. Numerous times I have had people coming up to me after my performance to ask me where I learned to speak like that. And I gave them all the same answer: ‘I apply some principles, go out there and do it.’

I’ve come to see that I can empower the future generation of speakers by deconstructing my system and teaching others to master the art of delivering a message powerfully.

My team is bringing in the big guns to enable yóu to elevate your game next time you step on stage.

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